K GALLERY brings local, national and international artists to Rhythmix Cultural Works and the community it serves.


K Gallery Shows
2015 Mini Masterpieces
Through Her Eyes
Small Worlds
Canvas Peace Project

Mini Masterpieces
Power Box Art Show
Fitz, Fish and Phil
Unexpected Landscapes
Michael Tunk
Ginny Parsons
A brief display of works: Alameda High School and Charlie Milgrim

5 Years
Monumental Anthropomorphic Protoplasmic
Life Aquatic - by the artists of Art Jam
Small Worlds
The Book Club at Van Kleefs

The Magic Book
Make Do
Pinball Oddity
“No Inconvenience Too Great or Small"

Black and White
2010 The Book Club At Van Kleef's
Seeing Red: Explorations on the Other Side of Love
Tommy's Point
The Games People Play
Creatures of Culture
Locals II
One Eye Open
Exquisite Corpse
Mini Masterpieces


2009 Hearts and Minds
Irrelevant and Unnecessary
Alameda Youth: VISIONS
Convergent Roads
Heart of the Mountain
Orientalia - Friends and Inspirations
Aghast in the Gallery
Veteran's Voices
Mini Masterpieces


2008 Holiday Art Show and Sale from d'Arci Bruno and Friends
Veteran's Voices: Art from Bay Area Veterans
Tides and Textures
Island Style Charles Valoroso
Cross Currents - Island Alliance of the Arts Juried show of Alameda County Artists Robotica Mark Pauline/SRL, Kal Spelletich/Seemen, Al Honig, Christian Schiess, Hank Hooper, Amy Jenkins/Cozy Rampage, Pixel Stud, Michael Schiess, and the artists of Todd's Wall
Printmaking Fernando Reyes, Kristian Johnson Michiels and Maryly Snow
Sit Down and Read and Sitting Room Book Arts
Nature Patterns & PortraitsPainting by Joy Broom and Carrie Lederer, Sculpture by Jerry Leisure


2007 Masters of Origami Featuring Dr. Robert Lang, Dr. Bernie Peyton, Linda Mihara and Peter Engel.
The Painted Word Featuring: Ray Beldner, artists from Catherine Clark Gallery, Marion Elliott, Dave Fullarton, Graham Gillmore
Alameda Artists curated by Ginny Parsons - The Locals: Alameda artists working in metal, lichen, oil paint, sound and photography. Clint Imboden, mixed media installation; Vivienne Riggio, sculpture with metal and lichen; David Chanel, photography; Betty Jo Costanzo, oil painting; and Lisa Levine, All Star photo portraits.
The Art of Food Artists from Magnolia Editions featuring paintings and digial prints by Guy Diehl, Sculpture by Charlene Milgrim, Photography by Janet Delaney and Gail Skoff, Watercolors and digital prints by Wendy Yoshimura and Monotypes by Susan Fishgold

Alameda Magazine: November 2007 A Touch of Gloss: K Gallery Adds Polish to the Arts Scene by Susan Kuchinskas

  K GALLERY brings local, national and international artists to Rhythmix Cultural Works and the community it serves.